Greek Key Trim

Our site receives more inquiries about Greek key trim than any other trims! So we decided to highlight some of the best trims below.

Tuscany Trim - Greek Key in Raven - Comes in 23 unique colorways at a reasonable price.

Fabricut - Greek Key in Khaki - Comes in 18 colorways.

Kravet - Greek Key Border in 635 - Comes in 12 colorways. Alexa Hampton Collection.

This is not a true Greek key but a favorite! Vervain - English Fret in Robin's Egg - Comes in 4 colorways. Barry Dixon Collection.

Samuel and Sons - Available in 17 colorways in 3 different sizes.

A Greek key on the diagonal. Lee Jofa - Fretwork in Salmon - Available in 8 colorways. Kelly Wearstler Groundworks Collection.

All trims are to the trade. Contact us or your designer.

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