Historic Paints: Mount Vernon Collection!

The Estate of Colors Collection from Fine Paints of Europe were created from the legacy of one of our most historic homes, Mount Vernon. These beautiful hues are inspired directly from the mansion's interiors and period artifacts. The collection has more than 120 colors and can inspire you to create your own home's heritage from rich colors from American history. See a few examples of colors from this collection, how to order a fandeck and how you can apply these beautiful colors to your own home.

Examples of some of these rich colors:

A great place to apply a more unique color is on your own front door. These three examples are here to inspire you!  Photos by Harry Protter for Fine Paints of Europe.

Order your own fandeck of colors from Fine Paints of Europe:

All photos courtesy of Fine Paints of Europe. Bring a little of history into your own home!

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