Candice Olson: Designer Fabrics

Candice Olson is known for her "Divine Design" show and her unique decorating style. Her branded fabrics are sold through Kravet and are an inspiration to designers everywhere. We are sharing some of our favorites and hope they will be your favorites too! All of these fabrics are sold "to the trade", but you can make any purchases through The Designer Insider. Feel free to contact us about any products. Email: Fabric above: #30030 embroidered polyester in only one colorway as shown.
Candice Olson fabrics: Top - #30032 polyester (7 colorways); Middle - #30038 upholstery (4 colorways); Bottom - #30041 textured upholstery (4 colorways).
Candice Olson fabrics: Top - #30053 textured velvet (4 colorways); Middle - #30089 upholstery damask (3 colorways); Bottom - #30091 embroidered velvet (2 colorways).
Candice Olson fabrics: Top - #29568 upholstery chenille (5 colorways); Middle - Hector textured velvet (4 colorways); Bottom - #30623 drapery polyester (3 colorways).
Candice Olson fabrics above: Top - #29580 upholstery weight (6 colorways); Middle - #9578 drapery silk (2 colorways); Bottom - Giovanna upholstery damask (6 colorways).
Thanks to Kravet for the great photos!

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