Kravet Smart - New Program From Kravet

What is Kravet Smart? This is a new program through Kravet that includes fabric, furniture, trimmings and carpet. What makes this program different? Below is a list of the perks of this program!
1-Free fabric on Kravet furniture.
2-Over 60,000 fabrics to choose from Kravet.
3-Environmentally friendly furniture.
4-Over 900 Kravet Smart fabrics.
5-Guaranteed selection of in stock fabrics and trimmings.
6-In stock luxury carpets with wool and viscose options.

We are highlighting for you some of the selections available in this program. Above: Emory Value Leather Sofa (LB-S803S Smart Classic). Feel free to go to the website KravetSmart for more information. If you would like to purchase any of these products just email us for information.

Kravet Smart Furniture - Tulane Settee available in leather or fabric. Style shown: S882-ST.
Kravet Smart Carpet in Shimmer. Colors: Beige, Blue, Olive, Chocolate, Sienna, Ivory & Gold.
Kravet Smart Textures. Patterns: 30666-821, 30667-1616, 30630-23,30667-106,30667-412.

Kravet Smart Weaves. Patterns - 28037-1516, 26603-613, 29995-5,27970-106,30136-5.

Kravet Smart Window Sheers. Patterns: 9790-1616, 9786-16, 9782-1,9783-16,9779-116.

Thank you to the Kravet Smart website for all the information and photos.

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