Candice Olson Furniture: Great Styles For All Styles

The Candice Olson Collection is sold through Norwalk Furniture. Norwalk closed their stores this past year, but are still open for business through selected retailers and designers. Below are some of Candice's most popular styles and you will see them often on her Divine Design program. Candice has selected all styles of furniture for her clients but most have a contemporary flair. All of the pieces you see here are covered in Gibson Velvet, #IM0630. You have a choice of over 600 fabrics and 9 wood finishes. Contact your designer or check out the website for Candice's collection, Norwalk Furniture.
Gretta Ottoman - Great contemporary styled ottoman available in different finishes. 43"long x 18"high x 23"deep.
Margo Chair - Tufted with five buttons. 25"wide x 38"high x 27"deep. One of the most popular pieces in the collection. Perfect for a desk chair or dining chair.
Bette Sofa - 86"long x 36"high x 37"deep - Beautiful curved back for open settings.
Naomi Sofa - 76"long x 40"high x 37"deep. A great height on this sofa!
Jean Chaise Lounge - 29"wide x 32"high x 57"deep.
Maxine Skirted Ottoman - 27"wide x 19"high x 18"deep.
Marlo Chair - A larger sized chair 37"wide x 44"high x 32"deep.

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