Fjord Design Scandinavian Flatware

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that will last for decades?

Fjord Design Flatware was started by Odd Leikvoll, who grew up outside of Bergen, Norway. He was one of seven children in the family, which was of limited means. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his dreams and setting ambitious goals for himself. He started his own flatware production at age 25, in an old barn, by the fjords of Hardanger. Today his son Rune runs Hardanger Bestikk, which is the largest producer of quality flatware in Scandinavia. Fjord Design flatware is inspired by the Scandinavian way of life - honesty, simplicity and functionality. Many of the designs are named after Odd's daughters and granddaughters. The evidence of true product quality comes in the fact that the family has been in business continuously since 1958.

Scandinavian metal craft traditions coupled with decades of production experience, product development, and manufacturing technology, have created products that are truly unique - and cannot be found elsewhere.

Fjord Design takes true pride in guaranteeing the product quality of any Fjord Design products - for a lifetime of unique satisfaction.

Flatware is a gift that will be used every day, while fine flatware is appreciated and is a lasting keepsake. Our 15 different stainless steel designs, 4 different pewter designs and guaranteed supplementation provide you as the customer with a splendid gift idea for years to come.

"Hardanger Bestikk for everyday and special" is the motto from which you will greatly benefit. Choose from the totally plain to the most exclusive flatware with 24 carat gold decoration. Flatware is a gift for any occasion, just as ideal for everyday use as for festive occasions.

When you purchase flatware with JMX International, use the coupon code fjord to save $25 on any order of $150 or more, now through Valentine's Day 2010.

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