on the down low

Just attended the Maison et Objèt show in Paris ... amazing and inspiring and, at times, overwhelming!

everywhere you looked were signs in every language reminding you that photos were forbidden ... right alongside were folks snapping pics!

I got a little braver as the day progressed and sneaked a few fuzzy shots of some of my favorite furniture pieces or color combinations.

I grabbed this one because turquoise is the talk of the town and it was wildly on display here.

The photo doesn't quite do justice but its floor to (high) ceiling bookcases, stately form, black with bold turquoise interior. to wake it up even more? a fantastical collection of parrots in reds and blacks and jewel tones were interspersed amongst the books and other objèts.

would make a tiny bibliotheque to die for.

more to come...

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