Top Ten Trends: What's IN - What's OUT!

What's IN & What's OUT! According to the trend watchers and market researchers the below TOP TEN reflects a variety of tastes and loyalties depending on your location. What do you think is IN or OUT?

Top Ten INS:

1)  Repurposed & reclaimed furniture
2)  Black & white combos
3)  Tone on tone damask
4)  Natural linen-like fabrics paired with pillows with bling!
5)  Metallic leathers
6)  Mixing styles, example: Wire chandeliers with crystals
7)  Understated and comfortable goods
8)  Antique chairs upholstered in modern fabrics
9)  More contemporary rug designs
10) Animal prints in non-traditional ways

Top Ten OUTS:

1)  Quantity over quality
2)  Hunt themes
3)  Black lampshades
4)  Matchy bedding
5)  Too much formality
6)  Exaggerated arms on upholstery seating
7)  Anything too shiny
8)  Tuscany style
9)  Antique gold
10) Fussy floral arrangements

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