Go GREEN with Our New Reclaimed Teak Furniture

JMX International is happy to announce our new relationship with Groovy Stuff Furniture. Groovy Stuff is a Texas based furniture design company that is changing the rules in furniture design. Made from reclaimed teak wood, each piece is unique, designed with the woods imperfections in mind. What was once an underground tangle of roots is now a lasting piece of furniture with character and the durability for either indoor or outdoor use. Salvaged iron rings from the outer rim are separated from the reclaimed teakwood wheel, spoke, and center hub. Antique Farm implements, yokes, plows, sugarcane grinders, and wagons from a bygone era provide the framework for the interpretations you see in this collection.

For many years, this wood was not available to the public. Only recently has this vintage prized wood come to market. Soon demand will exceed supply, and the vintage collection you see in its purity today will be reduced to accents of varying degree.

Groovy Stuff features six distinct collections - Prairie Collection,Iron Horse Collection, Adirondack Collection, Back to the Roots Collection, Kodiak Collection, and Rocky Mountain Collection. Bringing Mother Nature into the home like nothing else can, these one-of-a-kind collections by Groovy Stuff provide the elegance and sophistication that customers seek in furniture today.

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