One Great Chandelier: Three Different Sizes!

COMING SOON!  This great new chandelier comes in three different sizes! Coming soon to our website is this new chandelier just introduced at High Point. The hand carved wood chandelier is enhanced by a distressed white wash that lets the beauty of the wood shine through. The wrought iron arms curve beautifully and hold more wood tassels on each tier.

C09117 - This larger size has 12 lights and is 53" across x 62" high up to where the chain meets. Made for large great rooms!  Price: $2696.00.

C09119 - This small size has 6 lights and is 33" across x 41" high up to where the chain meets. Perfect dining room size. Price: $1488.00.

C09118 - This petite size has 4 lights and is 22" across x 25" high up to where the chain meets. Price: $999.00.

Contact us for availability or to preorder.    Email The Designer Insider:

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