DIY: Blue Jean Embellished Tablecloth

Photos and tablecloth by Anita Rossouw and Fourie Lounette for
I quite like blue jean pillows at the moment (they're a fun summer accessory), so when I came across this blue jean embellished tablecloth from the South African site, Sarie and the DIY that was with it, I thought it would be a fun project to do.  I think the reason they work is that they are all in the same colour family. To make the flower and leaf embellishments visit for instructions and all of the images.  The site is in Afrikaans so I have translated most of the instructions here for you however there are more images at their site to help see the process.

To make the roses:
Tear a strip of cloth of about 20 cm long and 4 cm wide.
Fold the strip twice and hold lightly.
Wrap it around your thumb and two fingers.
Wrap the strip of material also as you roll your fingers.
Continue to use the materials and turn as you roll your fingers.
Put it down with a pin and sew with loose stitches at the back through all the layers of the rose in position.

To make the daisies:
Cut simple four-leaf daisy pattern of leftover fabric (see images 1-3 here).
Place criss-crossing each other (see images 4-5) and sew together with a button in the middle.
Cut a simple leaf pattern and create lines using the sewing machine or out of white yarn if desired.

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