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....I see them everywhere!

You know when you become a bit fixated on something, and it keeps popping up all the time? Like when you are pregnant, you seem to see other pregnant women everywhere? Well I'm going through that at the moment. You see, my dining table chairs are perfectly servicable and decent looking but after seven years, I'm kind of bored with them and I keep coming across a particular style of chair - wooden, with a cross back and rattan seat, that I love.

Here (picture courtesy of Lilly-G)

Australian Belle magazine

In black and white (Pottery Barn)

At Notebook magazine's website

In Australian Country Style....

And at gorgeous German store impressionen.de. I do love this washed out grey colour

And then I found them in Adelaide. At (where else but) One Rundle Trading. I took one home on 'appro' but it clashed with the colour of my wooden farmhouse table. I don't mind that it doesn't match, I happen to like putting different woods and shades together, but it should at least not offend the eye. So sadly the chair went back.

I have however now seen the same chairs at Outdoors on Parade, in a different colour, so I might skip over there this coming weekend and ask if they will let me borrow one. But then if it does look good with my table, I have to agonise over whether I can justify the expense, given that there is no real pressing need to change my chairs. Hmmm...I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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