Sofa: Verdant in Pumice
Sofa Pillow: Fantasy Maze in Quartz
Chair: Penchant in Marble
Chair Pillow: Simple Star in Bone
Cornice: Mystic Glow in Dune
Sheer: Hybrid Foliage in Driftwood
Drapery: Thai Silk in Toasted Pecan
Trim: Gretchen in Antique
Chair: Penchant in Marble
Pillow: Simple Star in Bone
Sheer: Hybrid Foliage in Driftwood
Drapery: Thai silk in Toasted Pecan
Wall: Formation in Harbor
Chair: Elements in Sea
Pillow: Kerala in Celestial
Wall: Formation in Harbor
Sheer: Natures Web in Mica
Drapery: Kerala in Celestial
Trim: Tiebacks in Platinum
Chair: Elements in Sea
Chair: Consort in Rosewood
Pillow: Limitless in Citrine
Drapery: Harmonize in Citrine
Trim: Aracaju in Lime

All of the above rooms feature fabrics from the Larry Laslo Collection exclusively through Robert Allen Designs. This signature collection is partnered with an icon in the world of design, Larry Laslo, and brings a sophisticated offering of fabrics and accents suitable for your entire room. Mr. Laslo draws from inspiration around the world to make what he calls a "liveable contemporary" design. He believes that you must be a born collaborator to assist in interpreting designs from architects and clients. He has designed interiors that have graced the pages of some of the most prestigious magazines around the world. To enjoy more of his designs, feel free to visit his website where his portfolio will bring you inspiration from around the world. His website:

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