To be honest I have not been consistent at my "Designer of the Month" posts and I apologize for this. Luckily I still have two more day's left until it's a new month so...

January's Spot Light Designer is the beautiful and talented AUBREY MESSICK - soon to be MRS. AUBREY LAIDLAW. (Congrats!)

I met Aubrey when I moved to Orange Country and my first thought was this girl has got great style! Which is ture! And she is also very talented, determine and super fun.

At the time she was working at a floral boutique and was toying with the idea of starting her own floral business. Well I am happy to report that she did, Design By Aubrey, and now the world is a better place because of it. Check out her amazing arrangements.

Congratulations Aubrey on your engagement and company's success! You deserve to be happy and showered with flowers.

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