Guest Post by Coco Cakes: Crafty Cutesville Wedding: Jen & Ben!

So cute mini paper bunting!

Hi everyone! My name is Lyndsay and I run a cute little cake business here in Vancouver, BC called Coco Cake. My joy lies in creating super delicious, artful, beautiful and sometimes comedy-inducing cakes and cupcakes for some truly excellent people. One of my favourite types of events to make cakes for is of course... weddings! Jan of the ever-inspiring Poppytalk invited me to participate in a fun month of love-and-wedding-swirly-dirly-arty-crafty madness! I was asked to gather up a few of my favourite cakey weddings of the past year, and I'm thrilled to share the super cute nuptials of some of my beloved Coco Cake couples!

Darling Jen and Scholarly Ben got married on a lovely sunny day here in Vancouver. Red and white stripey straws, typewriters, ice cream, strings of fabric bunting, hand painted wooden cake toppers made by the bride, and cupcakes galore to match... all elements of a supercute party! I made a simple and lovely buttercream frosted cake with raspberries, and vanilla cupcakes with pink rosettes, vegan and gluten free chocolate ganache cupcakes and lemon cupcakes with lemon creamcheese frosting. Jen also requested matching handmade cupcake flags and paper bunting for the cake table. I loved making all the extra accoutrements and I really think it added up to a an adorable cake display! Wedding day photos of bride and groom by Erin Slobogian

Buttercream frosted raspberry topped cake.
The bride handpainted the wooden toppers!

Many many paper cupcake flags in matching colours!

I made a large triangle bunting for the cake table and a MINI one too!

Trio of treats: vanilla raspberry jam cupcake, vegan and gluten free chocolate ganache, lemon cupcake with lemon creamcheese frosting

All set up and ready to party!

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