The Ketubah

Hydrangea Ketubah by Naomi Broudo

Naomi Broudo, a Ketubah artist has written a really informative post on the Handmade Artist blog (our community artist blog) about her art and the Ketubah (a Jewish wedding marriage contract). But more than a contract it's a piece of art and not only limited to the Jewish community. Did you know anyone can have one of these made up to commemorate their wedding? I love the idea of having a beautiful piece of art to display commemorating one's wedding day. Click here to visit her post and here to visit her beautiful Ketubahs. Psssst - she also has a free Valentine download at her shop. Visit her table at Poppytalk Handmade to find the link.

Dancing Tree of Life Ketubah by Naomi Broudo

Tree of Life in Fushia

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