Silver & Gold Day Summary {Winter Colours Week}

Well, this is it, the last post for our Winter Colours Week!  Silver and Gold was a beautiful day!  So much shimmer and shine!  The two colours really are beautiful.  Thank you to everyone who participated this week!  Almost 3,000 images were uploaded (a record I think)!  So amazing to see everyone come together as a group and create this!  You are all so inspiring, thank you! Looking forward to "Spring Colour Week"!

Row 1  NOTyourrunofthemill, NOTyourrunofthemill, mamamerkat, leeleebelle, leeleebelle, yarnattacks
Row 2  Kiersten Bree mary vican, janel m suffragette*, tina_grantham, SappyApple
Row 3  emma lamb, creatocrat, knitalatte11, orangesparrow, alphabet soup studio / lenore locken, Indianablue
Row 4  lisa s | dressform, leahgiberson, ethanollie, ninimakes, Maggie Marsek, CozyMemories

Row 5  Lizzie Staley, Lizzie Staley, emma lamb, RaeDay!RaeDay!, tiny white lights, Za Meander
Row 6  Silvia's blips, Silvia's blips, Maggie Marsek, CozyMemories, Annelie Willemijn, Annelie Willemijn
Row 7  knitalatte11, IlluminatedPerfume, pine cone camp, jek in the box, lisaclarke, val smallfry
Row 8  NoApathyAllowed, Annelie Willemijn, quercus design, Bekkah, shutterluvjess, Lizzie Staley

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