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Mission style furniture, often grouped with the Arts and Crafts movement, started being made in the mid 19th century. Mission furniture is known for its strength, beauty, and permanency. It is plain and simple, with little decoration. Chairs, tables and beds are made with wood slats, and legs are usually straight. Pulls, latches, and hinges are usually made of pewter.

The philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement of hand-made products of integrity, utility, and simple style fits well with Amish values and makes mission-style furniture a natural choice for Amish woodworkers. No one is certain how Mission furniture got its name. Some believe it is related to the philosophy of the movement that furniture should be functional and have a "mission" to be used. Others believe it was because the furniture was derivative of furniture designs found in Franciscan missions in California. Whatever the reason, the Arts and Crafts movement in America is probably best known for the furniture it produced, and its reputation of durable beauty remains to this day.
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