20% Off Yarn and Cloth Rugs by Thorndike Mills!

KeyDecor.com has now added Yarn and Cloth rugs manufactured by Thorndike Mills to it’s vast collection of quality furniture and décor. Thorndike Mills has been making quality rugs since 1925 and these cloth and yarn rugs are made in a fashion that will remind you of the rugs your grandmother use to make and are of an heirloom quality that will last for generations. 
Beantown Pattern Yarn Rug
With multiple patterns, sizes, shapes, and colors to chose from, if you can’t find the perfect rug for your home, you simply are not looking hard enough. All of the different patterns from Thorndike Mills can be acquired in the traditional Oval or Rectangle shape.  The Town Crier, Beantown, Green Mountain, and Pioneer Valley II pattern rugs can also be chosen in the Rectangle and Square shapes.
Pioneer Valley II Pattern Rug - Meadowland Blue

Rugs sizes range from 2’ x 2’ Square (Smallest) to 12’ x 15” Oval (Largest).  With many rugs sizes available, you’ll be able to choose the perfect size rug for both your home and wallet.  With Free Shipping and a 20% discount when using coupon code “BLOGRUG20’’ for orders over $100, you can have HUGE savings with your next purchase of an heirloom quality rug. 
Green Mountain Pattern - Champlain Blue Color
These rugs are fantastic for making your Bedroom, Living Room, or Family Room more livable and comfortable for you and your family.   Buy a rug today, made in the U.S.A by Thorndike Mills and remember to use the Coupon Code “BLOGRUG20”.  You will not be disappointed.

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