Kravet Fabrics: Building A Color Palette

Design 101: Building a Color Palette. Below is a great example on how to build a color palette for your room. Use this as a guide and then formulate it in your own style and colors. This group from Kravet features modern prints with textured weaves to create a beautiful room in the newest tones of orange.

Step one: Find your feature pattern.
Our feature pattern is Poppyfield, a beautiful modern floral on linen that has a heavy duty durability. This fabric has been washed, softened and is stain and water repellent. Large repeat at 25"v x 27" wide. Thom Filicia Collection. Also comes in four other colorways.

Step two: Add another smaller pattern to coordinate.
This pattern, Citysquare, is a modern geometric print on linen. Heavy duty durability in a washed and softened linen fabric. Stain and water repellent too. Small repeat at 6.5"v x 7"w. This fabric is from the Thom Filicia Collection and comes in three other colorways.

Step three: Add woven textures for upholstery and for additional pillows.  Fabrics: Poppyfield.12; Citysquare-12; 30981-1624; 30764-12; 30758-16; 30765-6 (disc).

One, two, three; Your done!
All fabrics and photos are courtesy of Kravet. To the trade.

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