Beautiful AND Useful: bright new desk accessories by Michael Sodeau

It's Friday afternoon, the sun is out, what better time to talk stationery? OK I know it's not the perfect moment but I just wanted to share a cool pic of a great-looking new range of desk accessories, another collaboration involving renowned British designer Michael Sodeau  (see the last one here: ). This time he's working with Japanese company Suikosha, and their new brand is called ANYTHING, available to buy at Designjunction, which will be in Milan next month for the Salone. I love the eye popping colours, the fact that they look basically normal but with a subtle distinction about each piece. They don't scream out for more attention than a stapler (let's face it) actually merits. Smart, gimmick-free design. I'm all for William Morris' famous quote 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful' and I think that this new collection manages to tick both boxes.

Picture courtesy of ANYTHING

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