Thrifty Goodness + Fresh Herbs

Guest post by Rebecca Thoms Hanley of BananaSaurus Rex

There is nothing more exciting than thrifty goodness, unless you add fresh herbs. Have you been thrifting lately? Thrift stores are an amazing trove of totally useful things. Re-use is easy on the environment, a fantastic bargain and nothing perks up your decor and spirits better than a kooky old lamp or salad bowl. Bring a friend because the thrill of the hunt is best shared and only a true friend will pretend to be as joyous as you about sheets that remind you of summer at grandma's.

Today I found some beautiful vessels for my tabletop herb garden. The perfectly-distressed terra cotta pots were a steal at 50 cents each and the whole lot cost less than $20.

You'll need a masonry bit to put drainage holes in the bottom of your ceramic containers.

I didn't want to put holes in this enamelware pot - it came with a lid and I may want to use it for kitchen storage later - so I just slipped the plant, in it's nursery pot, inside. Perfect fit!

top row: Pineapple Sage, Chives, Cilantro, Oregano, Rosemary.
bottom row: Sage, Boxwood Basil, Marjoram and Thyme.

By the time the herbs outgrow these containers, it will be warm enough for them to be replanted and thrive outside.

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