A to the Z in Arizona

My husband and I spent the weekend in Arizona with some of our favorite peeps. It just so happened to be spring training for all the pro baseball teams and spring break for all the pro partiers. This is where we stayed, which was right down the street from The Giants' baseball field.
I loved the magnitude of these wood doors so I documented them. Here we are inside the doors. I am sporting what I refer to as my "Hot Dog on a Stick" shirt because someone once asked me if I worked there while wearing it. All I am missing is the hat. P.S I love my husband :)
This was the first of many restaurants we ate at. Culinary Dropout - don't you just love the name?! I indulged my senses in both food and design.

I just love the long leather tufted couch! Party for ...100?!

We eat at St. Francis right after Culinary Dropout - second dinner :) The interior sang to my heart and the food sang to my stomach.

Does my little eye spy exposed brick with swinging glass exterior doors?! Delightful!

On Friday we climbed to the top Camelback Mountain. There is nothing like a pile of rocks to make you realize how out of shape you are!

Which is why I took my big behind for some well deserved R&R at the Joya Spa. It cost me whatever limbs I had left after the climb.
Here we have the Purification Crystal. AAAhhh! You are suppose to place your hand on it to receive good vibes/engery. All I can say is that I felt good vibes the rest of the day so there might be something to this thing.
Here we have something else that brings good vibes :)

I did not do a great job of documenting the rest of my trip so your journey ends here. I apologize and promise to be a better tour guide next time.

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