Advantage Sakonnet Self Rim Sink from CorStone - Thick durable acrylic with high resistance. Features drainboard, 4 faucet holes, 100% stain resistant with a graphite finish.
Task Light from Humanscale - Ergonomic design featured along with counterbalance adjustments. Made from 90% recycled materials.
Olive Wood flooring from Olive Wood International - Planked flooring with deep stripes and marbled patterns.
Contract Office Seating from Floor-Model - Danish style seating in leather.
Contract seating from Krug - They offer this office chair in 20 different finishes and multiple fabrics.
My favorite! Faux Bois Lucite Tables from Palymyra.
New style ottoman from Edward Ferrell - Bridgeport Bench is 48" x 30".
Square basin from Porcher - China sink in white, made in Italy.
Bar Chair from Leland Manufacturing - Contoured plywood shell.
Vox Open Office from Nienkamper - Seamless work space for two.
Moroccan Lighting style from Palymyra.

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