I'm famous! Well kind of....

I enjoy buying old things for my home, and things from smaller homewares shops, as opposed to the bigger chain stores which stock mass produced products. That's not say I don't buy things from Target or Ikea or the like, because I do, but generally I like to fill my home with things that are harder to find, unique or in limited supply, so my home feels like a personal reflection of what I truly love and is thoughtfully put together, rather than looking like I selected all my stuff from the same catalogue.

So when I see a particular 'unique piece' I bought appear in a picture in a magazine or on the web I have mixed feelings. It can't really be as unique as I thought it was! But then another little part of me is happy to think that something I chose is good enough to appear in a magazine or on a website.

Take this lovely picture, from Los Angeles based firm, KAA Design Group. I totally love this outdoor room with its fireplace, cosy seating, greenery and sturdy columns. But what really caught my eye was the iron piece over the fireplace....

.....because I have one just like it! I found mine in an auction house, and I was told it was taken from a demolished building in Morocco I think (somewhere exotic anyways). It was originally above a doorway apparently. It was rusty, a little bent, and covered in cobwebs. I still love it, even if it is not as unique as I once thought it was. Wish I had a fabulous fireplace to hang mine over.

Previously I've posted about my antique soda syphon (below), which I soon discovered has at least one brother out there, if not more...

....because one was featured in Australian Country Style recently - on the cover no less!

And speaking of magazines....this month's Australian Home Beautiful....

....contains a letter from me! See the letter circled in pink highlighter below.

And here it is in closer detail. I was so chuffed!

Now I have to say I wrote this letter months ago, before I had a blog of my own. In fact, I had only just discovered the wonderful world of blogs - ie all you fabulous guys out there! Completely enamoured and excited, I shot off an email to my favourite magazine in the whole wide world, Australian Home Beautiful. And then I promptly forgot about it. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when I went to a friend's house and picked up the magazine that I saw my letter. Usually I buy this magazine the day that it is for sale, but this particular week I had held off as I had already bought a bunch of magazines that were still sitting at home waiting to be read.
My letter was edited - I also suggested that they do follow up visits on homeowners/homes that were very popular with readers. People that are hooked on design, house renovations and building, often don't stop at one, they go on to bigger and better projects, so I thought they could track some of these people down to see what they are doing now. Obviously they didn't think that was such a good idea! Still, I got my name in print!
Best wishes,

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