Design Tips: Hanging A Chandelier

Chandelier Size: A general guideline is to choose a chandelier that has a diameter equal to one half the width of the table. Take into account the style of the chandelier because styles have changed the last few years and we are now hanging pendants, lanterns and unique lighting choices above our tables.

How Low To Go: On a general note, hang your light about 30" above the dining table in a typical room with an eight foot ceiling. If your ceiling is much higher, then increase the distance between the bottom of the fixture and the table. Let your eyes be the judge. The chandelier needs to provide light for the table but not so low as to block anyone's line of vision when sitting at the table.

What Size: Start by adding your room dimensions together. If the room is 12 x 10, then add 12 + 10. The answer would be 22, which means that your chandelier would look proportionate if the fixture is 22" wide or round. Remember to take the style into consideration as well as the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. If the room is large and has several different areas, then treat the chandelier space as a room when measuring.

Use these guidelines for any room or setting and always purchase a great chandelier!

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