According to The Standard, a current trend in wooden furniture seems to favor a rustic aesthetic. Those interested in adopting the rugged look in their homes should consider Amish furniture. Amish made log furniture possesses the timeless appeal of other Amish furniture, but also boasts a rustic beauty.

While all Amish furniture is built to last, the assembly of log furniture ensures additional strength and durability. Log furniture is constructed using a mortise and tenon method, meaning that even without the powerful adhesives used, the furniture would hold itself together.

Those interested in creating a cabin-like feel in their home may also be pleased that log furniture is eco-friendly. The logs used are harvested from standing dead trees, and the removal of such wood reduces forest fire danger.

From a design perspective, Amish made log furniture is an excellent addition to any room. Experts suggest that homeowners who opt for this rugged Amish furniture should avoid busy patterns, which may distract from the beautiful craftsmanship of the pieces. Instead, individuals may want to pair the rough Amish log furniture with soft fabrics and neutral colors. Start at and follow the lead of the video to see the featured products.

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