Kravetsmart Carpets! In Stock Carpets From Kravet

Kravetsmart rugs and carpets includes a beautiful collection of in stock carpets and rugs made of wool and viscose that are hand knotted in India. Luscious colors that offer a soft luxurious feel combined with durability and superb craftsmanship. The rugs below are available in seven standard sizes, three designs and two price points depending on the content. Below are the collections Lunaire, Shimmer and Vogue.

Lunaire comes in 6 beautiful colors: Bronze, Citrine, Opal, Peridot, Platinum and Quartz. Below is the Bronze in a hand knotted 55 knot count carpet.

Shimmer comes in 8 luscious colors: Beige, Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Green, Ivory, Olive and Sienna. Below the first photo is the Blue and the second photo is the Sienna. Hand knotted in 80 knot count carpet.

Vogue comes in 6 beautiful colors: Beige, Cola, Gold, Green, Ivory and Seafoam. Below is the Seafoam in hand knotted 80 knot count carpet.

 All carpets are sold through Kravet and your interior designer. See more at the Kravet website and check their blog,

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