Garden Room Furniture! Get Your European Style Dining Room!

Decorating a garden room or outdoor dining area? Then here are two firm choices to achieve the European style area that you want. Below are two of our favorites!

This is a beautiful all iron chair that is great for indoor or outdoor living! The simple lines of the chair's shield design makes a strong statement in any setting. All black wrought iron with gold striping and antique silver arms makes this combination dazzling. The finish is also weather resistant so it may be used outdoors in protected areas. But I also see this beautiful chair in a dining area in a sun room or breakfast setting used with a great round table. How do you top this off? Use our wire chandelier below to keep the garden theme going!

We love this all wire chandelier that continues a classic garden theme. Fine wire construction with an authentic looking finish of rustic antiqued bronze. Six lights gives you plenty of dining glow in a chandelier that is 32" round. Beautiful!

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