sister store shenanigans ...

our store assistant, Rebekah Carey McNall, is doing a "stage" (stahj, fr.) ...which is somewhat akin to a work exchange program with our sister store, The Bohemians in Brantôme, France (the southwest region). This will likely be a program we introduce more formally each year.

As part of the program Rebekah structured and proposed, she will be designing four distinctly different window displays while in France. The shop has very unique, hand-forged windows lining the front of the store...these are about 8" panes of glass that are 6' or so tall. There are two dozen of these ... many of which are the original old wavy glass ... lovely to behold and they fill the space with beautiful morning light.

For her first installation, Rebekah chose a bird theme.. (knowing proprietaire Kim Mancha's love for all things oiseau!)...she wanted to arrive prepared to complete a window 'toutes-de-suite' and the ethereal, tissue-light birds that she pre-cut and tucked into here valise were just the ticket.

The birds flock around openings left in each window ... creating a spotlight effect on the mannequins posed in each window.

We think the result is very pretty and very, very 'printemps'! do you agree?

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