John Saladino: The World's Interior Designer

John Saladino is one of the most respected interior designers in the world and is often referred to as the designer's designer. His work is always layered and he was one of the first to incorporate architectural fragments into minimal spaces. In the late 1960s he was already creating rooms with polished surfaces such as stainless steel ceilings. His latest book is Villa, which features a stone house ruin that was discovered in the California Hills. This beautiful home has thick stone walls, tiled roofs and exposed beams. This is a home you would expect to find in the Tuscan countryside, not sunny California! John Saladino found this house to be a lifetime opportunity to create his dream home. Beautiful photos and the true story can be found in his latest book, Villa. See below two photos from this wonderful home and then click over to his website to see more and to learn about this great designer.

 See more at the website, John Saladino!

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