New! Round Style Solar Powered Lighthouses Now Available

JMX International is once again pleased to announce the addition of a new Amish manufacturer to their sources of unique handcrafted furniture and decor items. Because of this partnership, JMX can now offer a new and unique style of lighthouse on For a limited time enjoy free shipping on our round style lighthouses.

Designed and built by a small Amish wood shop in Pennsylvania, these lighthouses are built with aesthetics and utility in mind - not only are they cute, they also function as accent lights. Now, you can also get mailboxes with the lighthouses attached to them.

Round Style Solar Powered Lighthouses

Imagine one of these cute little lighthouses at the end of your driveway or beside your sidewalks. Imagine them lighting up your yard or garden at night. These go-anywhere lighthouses make great gift items.

The round style lighthouse sports a solar light on the top. The solar light gathers energy from the sun throughout the day and at night releases this energy again in the form of light. The solar light means – no running electrical cords or worrying about external electrical outlets.

We have several different lighthouse styles to choose from. The one pictured on this page is a Cape Hatteras model lighthouse.

Round Style Lighthouse Mailboxes

The new lighthouse mailbox boasts greater aesthetics than older lighthouse mailboxes. The detailed lighthouses atop the mailboxes are modeled after real lighthouses – the Barnegat and the Cape Hatteras lighthouses and the solar light completes the authenticity. The back half of the mailbox is wrapped in stone, giving the uncanny illusion of a lighthouse sitting atop cliffs.

Click to see the Barnegat lighthouse mailbox.

Click to see the Cape Hatteras lighthouse mailbox.

We do realize that these lighthouses, technically speaking, are not round. But it's easier to say than "Cylindrical style lighthouses" or "Tubular style lighthouses. We hope you don't mind us taking a bit of freedom with language here.

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