Designer Trims: Featuring Vervain's Poetry Trimmings

This beautiful setting features Vervain fabrics and trims. Mixing and matching the tones and textures achieves a beautiful space like the one you see here. Notice the styles of trim using a repeat of colorways too.

Drapery fabric:  Palemporia on Linen in Bamboo.  Drapery trim: Eliot in English Garden.
Upholstery fabric:  Venue in Harvest.  Upholstery trim: Commings in English Garden.
Bolster Pillow:  Carina in Lavender.  Trim: Carroll in English Garden.  Tassel: Kees in English Garden.
Pillows 20":  Venue in Avacado.  Trim: Frost in English Garden.
Pillow 18":  Jacapo in Plum.  Trim: Browning in English Garden.
Rectangular pillow:  Palemporia on Linen in Bamboo.  Trim: Eliot in English Garden.

 All photos courtesy of Vervain.

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