2010 Most Influential (Part Two)


DIY's are popping up everywhere these days; crafters and designers are coming up with amazing how-to's to inspire us all to create unique and personal things.  I love them mixed in with high-end pieces to accessorize the home. (Above) Bookhou, Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore .


I think I first started to be inspired by collecting by Martha Stewart years ago.  We started a column back in 2008 on collecting, and we keep seeing more and more beautiful collections as the years go by.  I hope this influence will never leave.  (Above)  abbytryagain and Lisa Congdon

The Patio Garden

With all of us becoming more aware of our eco footprint and wanting to be more in control of our food sources, many are looking into creating edible gardens in our backyards, patios and balconies more and more.  This year there seemed to be more access to gardening kits and products.  (Above)  Reform School

Laser Engraved Art on Wood

A few examples of beautiful laser etched imagery and artwork engraved illustrations we introduced here on the blog this year.  (Above)  Henderson Dry Goods and Nando Costa.

Wide Planked Flooring


Love the look of these wide planked hardwood floors from  Dinesen Douglas (Scandinavia)

Artist's Books

Beautiful artist books have been appearing all year long, and with each one, an exciting anticipation ensues as we await for them to arrive in the mail .  (Above) Kate Bingaman-Burt

Wood Paneled Walls

Beautiful light wooded (horizontal) paneled walls were a highlight this year, from faux (as in wallpaper and cement molded) to the real thing; creating a warm and cabin-like vibe.  (Above) 
harper-sandilands.com.au and home of Geninne Zlatkis.

Indie Wallpaper

It's fun to see more designers now creating their own wallpaper and textiles and we couldn't resist this mother-son collaboration from Fine Little Day out of Sweden.  (Above) Fine Little Day.


Letterpress has remained a huge love, and more and more the mom and pop letterpress shops are popping up.  (Above)  fancyinkpress.com

American Southwest Motifs

The brightly patterned and vividly colored textile traditions of the American Southwest took on a modern twist this year using neon colours by artists such as Beau Ideal, Will Bryant and Rand Renfrow. (Above) Beau Ideal and  Will Bryant and Rand Renfrow, Summer City.

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