Jelly Cabinets Can Give Your Home that Antique Look!

Amish Kitchen Furniture Pine Wood Deluxe Jelly Cabinet Hand Punched Tin Doors
With a Jelly Cabinet from, you can add a piece of furniture that will take you back to a time before the light bulb and refrigerators. Jelly Cabinets were brought over to United States by German immigrants now known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. They were used to keep baked goods, jelly, fruit preserves and other perishable items safe from prying hands and pests.
Amish Furniture Pine Wood Deluxe Jelly Cabinet with Hand Painted Design Option
Continued to be made to this day by Amish wood workers, the Jelly Cabinets featured at Dutchcrafters are all made out of solid wood and are of high quality. They are also great for use as a nightstand, end table, or storage for the bathroom or guest room. So what are you waiting for? We have a variety of styles to choose from so that you can choose the best Jelly Cabinet for your home. 
Amish Kitchen Furniture Vegetable Bin with Copper Front

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