Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants!

Well hello there Poppytalk readers! I think you all know my husband, Mr. Fancy Pants, aka Will Bryant. I am his other half. I answer to Mrs. Fancy Pants…or just Sally. William talked to me a while ago about co-writing a guest post for Poppytalk and I have avoided it until now. To be quite honest, I was very intimidated! I read Poppytalk almost religiously and I'm convinced I don't have 1 ounce of the creativity exhibited by those featured, those guest posting, etc. etc. But all of that aside, I do live with an incredibly talented husband, and after two years his "artsy magic" is beginning to wear off on me. Today marks our first guest post for Poppytalk. I am writing but expect little interjections from Will from time to time! goes.

Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants!
Christmas is a huge deal to me. Any one who knows me would confirm this fact. I go all out every year. Traditions, music, lights, Santa, stories, memories...I could go on and on.

I find that two of the most aesthetically influential projects for me each year--areas for me to really shine--are Christmas wrapping and Christmas cards. This year marks a first for Will and I. We worked together to design (and by we I mean him) our Christmas card to be sent out to our friends and family. I normally take on a role that could most appropriately deemed "art director" aka bossy backseat driver. However, this year the idea for our card was all mine--execution, of course, had nothing to do with me as I couldn't draw a stick figure if my life depended on it.

From my idea, my incredibly talented husband come up with this. How amazing is it!?It's's like he does this for a living Ha!

Using the elements from our card, we had some rubber stamps made at a local shop here in Austin. I used the antlers and pine cone and incorporated them into our present trimmings. A big thanks to Uline for the massively huge roll of recycled craft paper that donned all of our gifts.

I snagged some bakers twine (that I am now obsessed with) from Divine Twine in lieu of ribbon, and our mini gift tags also arrived at our doorstep from Uline. The only hiccup I ran into was the fight I had with the craft paper and cheap tape when wrapping commenced. Industrial gift wrapping tape became a quick necessity for the heavy paper--the cheap kind was NOT going to hold. I'm beginning to think there is a future for the Fancy Pants collaboration projects.

Merry Christmas to all! Looking forward to sharing more 'Fancy' projects with you in the future!

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