DutchCrafters.com: Serving Individual Homeowners, Designers AND Businesses!

DutchCrafters has served customers all over the United States, from California to Massachusetts! And we have had a great time helping our customers decorate their homes with our quality Amish furniture!

But DutchCrafters is by no means limited to home decor. DutchCrafters' Amish furniture can be found in movies, theaters, museums, colleges & universities, yacht clubs, restaurants, federal offices, and even in Disney World! We are continually aiding designers and businesses create environments that are pleasing to their customers.

Today, I thought I'd share with you just a few of our satisfied customers:

We have been thrilled Museums have been interested in using our Amish furniture to advance their mission of spreading knowledge. Some museums we have aided are: The Smithsonian Institution, USS Constitution Museum, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, and La Quinta Museum.

We also take great pride in having helped major colleges and universities furnish their class rooms and campuses! Our furniture serves students all over the country, both while studying in libraries, and in catching up with friends in courtyards and common rooms. Some Colleges, Universities, and Charter Schools we have aided are: The University of Michigan, Oregon State University, St. Mary's College, Middlebury College, Fort Lewis College, and The Advanced Math and and Science Academy.

Many theaters have also turned to DutchCrafters Amish furniture, both to decorate their lobbies and seating halls, and to use as props on stage! Some theaters using DutchCrafters Amish furniture include: New York State Theater, California's Musical Theater, The Actors Theater, and The Hilton Theater.

Even federal and state governments have turned to DutchCrafters to furnish their buildings with class and sophistication fitting to our nations legislators. Dutchcrafters Amish furniture can be found in: The US Department of Treasury Building, The McCraken Courthouse, The Office Environments of New England, and The Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous.

See why so many businesses, museums, and universities have chosen DutchCrafters to satisfy their furnishing needs! Call us today at 1-866-272-6773 and speak to an Amish furniture specialist, or visit us at DutchCrafters.com!

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