Great Vanity Bath Mirrors!

Most of us will remodel a bathroom or construct a new one sometime in our life. Don't do the ordinary! Make at least one of your baths in your home "dreamy"! Using a unique mirror makes all the difference like the one you see here. See below some of our top choices for bathrooms mirrors that you can purchase at The Designer Insider. Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Journal.

Antiqued Large Wall Mirror
This is our favorite larger mirror perfect for a master bath. We just used two of these on one of our latest projects and the look was exquisite! The great thing about this mirror is not worrying about matching to any of the furniture or vanities. It goes with everything!  Size: 41" high x 26" wide. Item #C04203 at The Designer Insider.

Blue Willow Mosaic Mirror
For those of you who love blue, this may be the choice. Perfect size for most baths at 33" high x 24" wide. Item #C01010 at The Designer Insider.

Abalone Shell Mirror
This beautiful mirror is perfect for powder rooms with its unique shape and coloring. All natural shells for a wonderful accent piece. Size: 34" high x 21" wide. Item #C01325 at The Designer Insider.

Tip: Most bathrooms have about a 53" space between the counter and the wall light above unless you have a smaller sized bath. If you have lights on the sides, then you have more height for larger mirrors.

Antiqued Wood Turned Mirror
This mirror has a true antique furniture look and will add the old world look to your bath. Size: 40" high x 28" wide. Item #UT13715 at The Designer Insider.

Tip: Make sure you measure carefully and you have plenty of "looking glass" space. Many mirrors are just for style and are not suited for baths.

Antiqued Gold Mirror
The perfect antiqued gold mirror with beautifully rounded corners. Size: 42" high x 30" wide. Item #UT14524 at The Designer Insider. 

Fluted Silver Mirror
We love this for a silver choice! This fluted frame adds more style to the look than just a plain frame. Size: 41" high x 29" wide. Item #UT14525 at The Designer Insider.

These are just a few of our many choices of vanity mirrors. Go to our website, The Designer Insider and find your favorite! Feel free to email us the size, color and style you desire and we will be glad to help you.

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