Super Cute Sheds...

My mom recently asked me to dig up some original shed ideas for her backyard and my immediate reaction was  "Um, there's no such thing as a cute shed". 

In my mind, sheds were these plasticky, shack-type concoctions bought at Home Depot which were anything but cute, modern or lavish.  

Boy was I was ever proven wrong upon doing some research online!  

I was so pleased to find so many adorable shed ideas... I never realized how far we've come in terms of backyard storage facilities. 

Feast your eyes on some of my favorites concepts...

Banyon Tree Designs

Historic Sheds

Harrell Remodeling

R. Thoresan Homes

Restyled Home

Britannia Joinery

B.M.F. Inc.

Artisan Sheds

It's the Little Things

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