Friday Link Love

Crafty Friday by Sweet Paul

A cute mini movie about recycling Bonne Maman crême brulée cups by
I'm loving these chalkboard maps (yes i still like a bit of chalkboard)
The finest paper plates and cups in the land
The coolest hotel souvenirs
Irene of Bloesem is having an onine garage sale!
Did you see the Kirtsy relaunch? Love today’s slideshow.
Are you going to take The August Break?
12 Countries in 12 Months
Have a Crafty Friday (love this one)!

My posts for Family Style on Babble (a parenting site) this week:
Still Retro Life
Minimalist Posters Inspired by Children's Stories
Antique Roadshow
The Most Amazing Wedding Invitations
Cool Kitchen Tools for Mom
Cottage-Inspired Style

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