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It's been a long time coming folks and it's still a bit of a ways away, but I'm finally working on a new redesign for the blog.  It'll come with a big change.  We'll be going to our own .com (finally) and I'd love for you to be involved!  You are afterall, the people who read it everyday, so you should have a say in how it looks!  Sadly I'll be leaving blogger (in all probability) but I came across a wonderful feature of theirs recently which is helping me with ideas for my redesign.  So today is sort of two-fold.  If you have blogger yourself, you can do this with your blog, and I'm wondering, if I have something similar like this programmed for my blog which do you prefer?  Here are the choices:

1.  Flipcard -!/
2.  Mosaic -!/
3.  Snapshot -!/
4.  Timeslide -!/
5.  Regular:  Leave the blog as a regular type style blog as it reads now
6.  All of the above (if possible - ha)!

So like I said - if you have blogger you can do this yourself - just add "/view" to your url and poof!  Magic!  Only problem is at this point you can't make it your default url.  And where/what do you do with your sidebar action?  But it's a fun choice to have and play around with!

I'd love to hear your opinions - so please leave a comment if you have time and would like.  I hope to have more posts/polls as things progress  I'll be offering up some gift certificates to Poppytalk Handmade to random commenters throughout as a thank you!  This post is worth $25 at this month's market!  Thanks for helping me out! Your opinion is important to us!  Offer will end this Friday, July 29, 2011.  Eep!

Update:  Thank you everyone for commenting - it was really fun to read everyone's opinion.  It sounds like most of you like the original format, and now that we know that, it really helps us go in the right direction.  We chose the very first commenter for this - (as out of all the giveaways that we've ever done, the first one has never been chosen that we can recall).  So congrats to Jamie of A Pair of Pears!  Jamie has won the $25 gift certificate to Poppytalk Handmade.  

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