Weekend Project: Family Tree

I received an email the other day from Erika, the daughter to one of our daily readers Melissa in El Cajon, CA of Darby's & Pumpkin's Daily blog. Her mom suggested she email me with her Family Tree project, and I'm so glad she did.   The entire project cost $50.

Frames (big and small)
cork self-stick drawer liner

She says it's quite simple, just time consuming with a lot of it spent cutting.  Using a roll of cork self-stick drawer liner, Erika cut out this beautiful tree free hand using no reference design.   Didn't she do an amazing job?  And if you get a chance be sure to visit Melissa's blog, she has some gorgeous little Cardigan Welsh Corgi's and the most amazing pomegranates (which I've never seen growing before) in a beautiful setting of rolling hills. Thank you Erika and Melissa!

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