A Special Antiqued Mirror!

This beautiful mirror is special indeed!  The antiqued Etruscan style is unique with its distressed center mirror and the special designed frame. The outer frame is wood and then covered with more antiqued and distressed mirrors. The frame is cut and contoured to match the lines of an ancient style vine and floral detail. And then the antiqued mirrors are etched with the beautiful design seen in the photo. The outer edges of the mirrors on the frame are beveled also for an extra detail. Just exquisite! Size: Very large at 63" high x 35" wide x 3.5" deep from the wall. Make this a focal point of your room! Finish: Antiqued and etched mirrors mounted on wood for strength.
 Etruscan - Ancient Italian civilization known for their figurative art.

Detailed view:

Purchase or see more info at The Designer Insider. Just click the link for more information.

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