Gone Swimming

I was reading the other day that water is a great stress reliever.  Just like sleep.  I have a friend who used to always get so stressed while studying at University, and her mother used to tell her to always go have a nap if she was stressed, "it cures everything", she said.  And that advice is actually quite true, have you ever tried it?  So when I read about water having the same effect, it made me realize something I hadn't before.  I absolutely love swimming, I just hadn't noticed it in the same light before.  Anyway, what has this to do with design you ask?  Nothing.  I just happened across some nice water-themed images (and the same advice and quote) today that reminded me of that article and thought it was good stuff to know.  Here is the post about stress if you're interested. Above:  Summer (original collage) by froschkind and below: July desktop wallpaper by Shanna Murray and Shari Altman.  Undertow sewn print by Tastes Orangey and Freestyle print by Samantha French.

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