Inspiration: 'Roid Week 2011!

lunar craters


Insert Model Here

washed out on the weekends

to somewhere

IV, from the series 'Pavement People'

Sunset after rain

The Smokies In Roid


rising tide

Dune, at Sunset


It's 'Roid Week 2011 and I'm bookmarking some favourites.  They all just seem to ooze summer don't they? My favourites are the ones with the purple and golden hues (like here, here and here).  From the top (or click on each image):

1) mjohnso
2) micaela
3) butter_fry 
4) adrienne darnell 
5) Rhiannon Adam 
6) tearoom
7) Screaming Chicken Studio 
8) twodarktriangles 
9) adrienne darnell 
10)  dreamscapesxx
11) girlhula 

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