Summary #SummerColoursWeek: Thursday's Rainbow

I loved the rainbows yesterday, did you?  So many amazing images, and so hard to choose.  I have been down with the chills and a cold (since yesterday) - such a strange time of year to get this isn't it? Hence my delay with posts.  The reds will be coming up shortly - just in time for Canada Day!

Row 1: ShannonShaw, girlhula, girlhula, knitalatte11, xanthe berkeley, mrsjink
Row 2: SappyApple, SappyApple, SappyApple, shutterluvjess, wish upon a starfish, GREY LEMON
Row 3: Lizzie Staley, Lizzie Staley, cindy {k}, wish upon a starfish, wish upon a starfish, shutterluvjess
Row 4: GREY LEMON, sheepsandpeeps, Ben and Sair, Maria Apostolou, trupeach, elisabet ottosson

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