Sunday Reading: Boutique Hotel Style

As probably the entire continent experiences a heat wave this weekend, here in the Pacific Northwest we  are sort of experiencing the opposite, a cooler summer so far, along with rain.  Which gets me thinking more about far off places and where one could go.  As I was searching for such a place I came across this lovely cave located in Costa da Morte, Spain.  It's located in the garden of a house overlooking the sea and where architect Anton Garcia Abril and his team built from scratch. 

Another thing that happens when I search out places to go to and look for hotels online, I always end up being inspired to redecorate. Although this cave is not a hotel, it has that boutique hotel feel,  and there's much inspiration to take from it.  Click here to see.

Whenever I look for decorating ideas, besides going to blogs and magazines, I often will search out unique boutique-style hotels for inspiration.  These smaller hoteliers have the means to seek out unique interior designers and artists to add a unique flair to attract customers.  In the past couple of years I have collected quite a few pictures of these hotels, writing about them when I find them. 

Today I’ve gathered some favourites (40 plus) in a slide show style post on Family Style in hopes to offer some decorating ideas or maybe even to inspire a trip somewhere. Click here if you're interested. Happy Sunday reading!

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