What is the most challenging part of your business?

Guest post by Rena Tom

Mini goals chalkboard by Mary Kate McDevitt

Now that we have covered the topic of too much success, let's get down to business. How do you reach that exalted state where you are completely busy and feel like you have to turn away work?

I'd like to hear more from you about your concerns. I'm pitching a virtual booth labeled 'Advice' and inviting you up to the counter. What is the most challenging part of your business? What do you wish you had more information about? What is preventing you from moving forward?

Please leave your questions in the comments below. I'll pick from the most original and also the ones that recur the most. I love doing research so feel free to get a little esoteric :) If you need a little kickstart, you can peek at the 10 Minute Guides [http://renatom.net/category/blog/10-minute-guides/] I write over on my site and I would be happy to expand on any of those topics.

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