The Windsor Chair! ... An American Classic!

The Windsor chair dates back to the 17th century! It is said that King George III first sat on a Windsor chair in a cottage while fox hunting. Impressed by the chairs comfort and design, the King had a number crafted to be placed in the Windsor castle. And so we have the Windsor chair!

(Left: Knuckled Arm Bow Back Windsor Rocker w/ Comb)
Today, exact styles of the Windsor chair differ from England to the United States. They also differ provincially in the United States. For example, craftsmen in Philadelphia are recognized for their plain tapered legs, while craftsmen in New England pioneered the continuous-arm style. DutchCrafters carries nearly 150 different styles of Windsor chairs and benches, supporting a rich history of the Windsor style’s development and refinement!

The Windsor chair must be very carefully crafted for maximum quality. Woodworkers use slender spindles that are fastened into tapered sockets in the seat. They join the chairs outward-slanting legs with immensely sturdy wedged tenon joints, and traditionally, handcrafted stretchers connect the front and back legs, while a crossbar connects both stretchers.

(Right: Country Comb-Back Windsor w/ Knuckled Arms)
DutchCrafters carries the highest quality Amish dining room furniture! For more information on the Windsor chair, or to inquire about placing an order, call to speak to one of our furniture specialists at 1-866-272-6773.

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