Back in France!

Hello readers! I'm back in France and finally getting re-adjusted to the time and the extreme cold! Winters are a bit harsh in my neck of the woods (la Dordogne) and we've been alternating between hard frost temperatures, gusty winds and cold, cold rain!

My french friends are bemoaning the length of time until Spring ... reminding me that it won't arrive before March or even April! Nonetheless, spring bulbs are raising their noggins and the flower shops are loaded with blooming pink hyacinths, which can be had for a song! In case you didn't know, their scent is heavenly and I will definitely be planting some in my garden for next year.

Soon I will be knocking about in search of treasures for my next shipment to Mignonne! If you've got some ideas, suggestions or requests ... note them in the comments and I'll keep an eye out. Hopefully they won't be of the large baroque armoire variety as I try to keep the treasures petite in consideration of shipping logistics!

Signing off with a big congrats to my fellow countrymen as we welcome in a wonderful new leader and a hopeful path for our nation!

Photo:  Boccacino

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